Benefits of Cash Automation

  • Increased Revenue

  • Lowered Costs

  • Enhanced Security

  • Improved Customer Service

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cost of operation

  • Quick Service Restaurants

  • Convenient stores

  • Grocery

  • Gift shop/Tourist retail

  • All other retail segments


Cash Automation Solutions

  • Flex retail

  • Outdoor retail

  • Entertainment events

  • Cash-on-Delivery

  • Taxi cash automation

Accelerate Revenue & Reduce R&D costs. Helping our clients streamline business processes and enhance the growth of companies through rapid

product development 

Self-Service Kiosk Development Services

A comprehensive rollout, providing base turnkey solutions for many customers applications including:

  • Consultation

  • Software and App Integration

  • Custom 3D Design

  • Peripheral Integration

  • Volume Manufacturing

  • Logistics and Installation

Front Counter

Cash Automation Solutions


Integration Services


Cash Automation

New End-to-End Cash Cycle


Cash Handling: Frictional Costs

Cash Automation

One month expense scenario


cost of cash

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